We were founded by a group of highly qualified and experienced professionals who worked with major players in the telecom industry in different parts of the world. We provide various services products for operators and other entities in the telecom industry. Our combined skills made us Energetic, Determined and Client focused. A well planned network not only gives reliable operation, it also provides a cost-effective network coupled with a high quality of service. There are certain issues that need to be examined to produce an effective network plan. These include sufficient capacity support, efficient use of the available frequency spectrum, the minimum number of sites to provide the required service, flexibility for future expansion and adequate coverage in a given area with minimum interference.

Synceed offers a variety of specialist services that fall outside the typical day to day operation. Our professionals have in depth knowledge of all technologies including 5G, 4G (LTE), VoLTE, LTE, 3G, WCDMA/HSPA+, 2G and satellite communication.


Network Planning & Design

Our experts have experience in designing and planning of new cellular networks as well as expansion of existing networks. We understand clearly customers’ short-term, long-term goals and work in collaboration with their business engineering teams to deliver the most optimum network design and implementation plan.

RF Engineering

Our RF team has in depth understanding of propagation theories, spectrum planning, and cellular engineering which allow efficient use of software tools for design, network simulation and propagation model tuning.

Drive & Walk Testing

Synceed deploys highly experienced drive testing teams for new site testing, planned data collection for existing network, performance troubleshooting. In-building walk tests also done by trained professionals. Our drive test team work with clients NOC and NPO teams to make sure network troubleshooting is done within minimum timeframe.

Network Performance & Optimization

With our expertise, knowledge, methods & tools we manage network performance through KPI monitoring, data collection & analytics and optimization. We make optimization decisions keeping in mind our clients’ financial and strategic objectives.

Network Commissioning & Testing

Synceed deployment team has in depth knowledge of macro site, micro site, small cell and in- building systems installation and commissioning. We are committed to maintain the work schedules and quality. We realize that outages due to failure has financial impact on clients budget, therefore, our deployment teams strictly follow all steps of pre-integration, integration and post-integration.


Our experienced team of site acquisition experts is well placed to select the best site within the timeframe. We have extensive experience working with landlords, zoning officials, neighborhood committees, and tower management companies, providing us with the ability to anticipate, identify, and overcome the numerous obstacles inherent in the lease procurement and entitlement process. We are ready for these challenges, utilizing specialists with direct industry experience and proven problem-solving skills in the areas of leasing, zoning and permitting. Our services include:


Our Project Managers are seasoned industry experts who are fully focused and dedicated to clients implementation priorities, eliminating the potential for delays by other overburdened resources. We create project’s “playbook” and run the play through to a successful implementation. Our team effectively becomes an extension of client’s team. Our PM hold everyone accountable to keep the project on time and on budget.

Project Leadership

We have successful project managers who practice both strong management skills and effective leadership skills. Our PM gained management skills through experience & learning and developed leadership qualities.

Schedule Management

Before a project schedule is created, our project manager prepares work breakdown structure, the time estimate for each task, and a resource list with availabilities for each resource. Schedule management includes the processes required to ensure timely completion of the project.

Project Tracking and Status Reporting

We start with a project outline, create deliverables and milestones. We set realistic, clear and measurable goals. Our PM use project tracking software to keep track of time, costs and tasks. They meet regularly with teams & stakeholders and prepare project reports.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

To achieve expectations reliably and consistently, specifications are clearly spelled out, not only for results but also for processes. Specifications apply to materials, work steps, qualified personnel and Subcontractors and suppliers, safe work rules, and environmental work conditions. Our Quality Manager identifies supplemental requirements for industry standards that apply to a specific project on the Project Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan when it is not otherwise specified by the contract, contract technical specifications, or approved drawings.

Close-Out Packages

We have successful project managers who practice both strong management skills and effective leadership skills. Our PM gained management skills through experience & learning and developed leadership qualities.


We offer advanced tools that offer host of features enabling mobile device users and operators in network monitoring, analysis, and improvement while gaining near real-time insights. The tools perform automated syncing and post-processing of data and process them on the big data engine. It collects, analyzes and generates reports and provides the scope of historical data for analysis. We can provide comprehensive tool that offers a unified view of network rollout components, with an array of search options to monitor and map distributed site elements, with advanced filtering tools. With its single dashboard console, the users can monitor the configuration profiles and perform advanced functions to simplify the management of large-scale networks.


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